Why AWS?

Rooted in best practices,
we develop initiatives that potentialize
management efficiency and sustainability,
allowing investors to generate high returns
and make a positive impact in society and
on our community.

Passion & Pride

The ability to identify opportunities in different markets and industries—and to provide relevant, profitable, and innovative proposals—drives our passion to deliver the best of ourselves, always.


We are experts in the financial and leisure development sectors. Our team is composed of excellent professionals linked to a remarkable network in different sectors, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in each initiative. In addition, AWS is constantly seeking opportunities where investment value and execution capabilities can be maximized by aligning with best-in-class local and regional partners.


Management based on best practices, risk mitigation, and the performance and success of each project will always be our priority, keeping us focused, committed, and effective in building long-term relationships.

We focus on Impact Investment:

Our capital investments are accompanied by strategies and recommendations driving the generation of returns, alongside measurable social and environment impact.